• We aim to provide a friendly, secure, caring, healthy and inclusive environment in which all children feel loved and their families will feel welcome.
  • We believe a pre-school should feel like an extended family, laying the foundations for the children’s education journey in a safe and relaxed atmosphere.
  • To enable all children to develop their capabilities as successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors to society.
  • Offering praise, encouragement and positive role modelling to enable children to flourish and develop all the necessary skills to be proud of their achievements.


                                                   Mission Statement


That children will do their learning through play and interaction in a place where they have empowerment over their environment creating an atmosphere of mutual respect and encouragement. The children will leave us being the best versions of themselves, confident, secure and most importantly happy.

  • We provide individual, developmental play for unique children of all abilities.
  • We have a child-centered, stimulating and fun environment which the children cannot wait to attend.
  • Children are at the centre of everything we do.
  • We operate an open door policy which is inclusive to all children, parents/carers and families.
  • Through our dedicated team work we provide a safe, secure and healthy environment for all children to enjoy.
  • We support children on a path of lifelong learning.
  • We are a Pre-School determined to meet the needs of our local parents and partners and to play a role in our community.




HAPPINESS AND WELLBEING – showing kindness

ENGAGEMENT – being involved, responsive, interested and interesting

RESPECT AND HONESTY – promoting a culture of tolerance, inclusion, diversity, equality, fairness and opportunity

PARTNERSHIP- strong partnership between home, pre-school and other professionals.

CHALLENGING – testing ourselves and those around us, not just accepting the status quo